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Top Five Tips - Keeping Poultry

1. Before you begin - check the rules and regulations

Currently there is no need to register with DEFRA is you are planning to keep less than 50 birds, this includes chickens, ducks and other domestic birds. In addition to this you will need to check with your local council if there are any by-laws in place against certain properties keeping livestock. This might also be something included on your rental agreement or deeds. 

2. Choosing a chicken house or coop

Choosing a house for your chickens or ducks will depend a lot on the space you have and how many birds you are looking to house. You should consider a floor space of 90 square cm per bird, not including nest boxes.

Wooden chicken houses are a popular choice as they can be designed and built to meet the requirements of your poultry. They often are easier to fit into your garden and most of all can be easily fixed, maintained and modified when the time arises.

Wooden chicken houses also have the benefit of being made from a natural material, which means they are breathable and less prone to condensation.

3. Pick the right bedding

There a number of bedding choices for poultry to summarise

Wood Shavings – Choose Pine wood and large flakes, smaller flakes and saw dust can cause respiratory problems.

Straw – A natural compostable bedding which promotes warmth, healthy germ balance and also gives chickens something to pick through. Make sure you keep the straw dry.

Shredded Paper – An inexpensive option, which has a high carbon level that helps foster good bacteria and is easy to compost.

4. Keep the essentials in stock

There are some key products that you will find that you use repeatedly, it is easier to keep these in stock rather than having to run out for them last minute.

Apple Cider Vinegar – helps discourage coccidiosis and worms, while also having anti-bacterial benefits.

Red Mite Powder – For use on both poultry and their housing.

Poultry Tonic – This will help keep your birds healthy, and also help feather production after moulting.

DisinfectantVIRKON S  is one of our biggest selling disinfectants to poultry keepers, it is proven to destroy over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi

Poultry Grit – This helps improve eggshell, feather and bone quality of the bird.

5. Choosing the right feed

Advancements in science and our understanding of poultry feed requirements, means there are feed in the market that are balanced to meet your poultry’s needs.

Layers Pellets – These are formulated to support laying birds and help ensure they are getting all the protein they need to produce high quality eggs while maintaining their health.

Grower Mash and Pellets – Traditional given to birds that are being reared for their meat, growers poultry feed is formulated to help support rapid muscle, tissue and skeletal growth.