There’s only a week to go until new legislation for the sales of rodenticide will be introduced. The legislation will restrict the pack size that non-professional users can purchase. Non-professional users are classed as those who have not undergone relevant training or are not part of an approved farm assurance scheme.

From 1st March amateur packs will be reduced to a maximum pack size of 300g as follows;
Wholegrain bait for rats and mice: 150g per pack
Pasta bait for rats and mice: 150g per pack
Block bait for rats and mice: 300g per pack

The active concentration (poison) limit will also reduce from 50 parts per million (PPM) to under 30 ppm. The current legislation concerning the purchase of professional use bait will remain in place.

Get trained!
Get a CRRU approved LANTRA certificate – this can be completed online (click here for the AHDB Rodent Control Hub) and completing the training course. This is free to complete (approx. 3-4 hours) and leads to a LANTRA approved exam which carries a cost of £50+VAT, chargeable for each attempt at the exam. A numbered certificate is then sent out in the post.

For more information visit Alternatively speak to a member of staff in-store about training which may be available in your area.

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Rodenticide Regulations are changing