As well as ensuring your horse has general good health it is important to maintaining hoof health, but external applications are also important. Follow top five tips to maintaining healthy moisture levels, to aid hoof integrity and strength.

  1. Introducing a regular trimming routine will help avoid excessive drying around the bottom of hoof wall.
  2. It’s recommended to maintain natural hoof moisture levels to use hoof dressings that contain pine tar. Where the dressing covers the coronary band it is recommended to massage the area regularly to stimulate hoof growth.
  3. When the weather has been dry over a prolonged period use a water based moisturizer and apply daily to the hooves.
  4. Apply a regular application containing zinc and sulphate, for bacterial conditions of the sole and frog. A liquid application is easy to work into grooves and cracks for maximum efficacy.
  5. If you are looking for a more natural choice, essential oil of eucalyptus contains antibacterial properties. This will help maintain clean, healthy hooves and soles, whatever the weather.

Source: Kate Hore RNutr(Animal) . Snr Nutritionist at NAF - 'Healthy Hooves' 2018