Thousands of horses survive on grass alone during the summer months.  Their coats may not shine but they are usually generally healthy. Horses and ponies tend to be tolerant of minor deficiencies in their diets and many of these deficiencies therefore go unnoticed. If your horse is not quite looking at his best or performing to your expectations a mineral or trace element deficiency may be to blame.

When a horse is receiving a fully balanced diet, all the nutrients needed for general health and wellbeing will be provided. A balanced diet will be reflected in your horse by a well developed top line, improved body and coat condition, strong healthy hooves, improved post exercise recovery times, a healthier gut and overall a much happier animal.

Feed balancers are a relatively new concept in feeding horses. As the name suggests they are a low-intake, concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and protein which are designed to balance a horse or pony’s ration nutritionally in terms of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and protein. A balancer should be sugar free as it is not designed to deliver energy as calories to the horse’s diet. Look for a balancer that also contains probiotics and prebiotics which will provide support for your horse’s digestive system for a happy and settled gut.

When should you feed a balancer?

  • If your horse lives out at grass and doesn’t receive any hard feed or only receives a token amount of hard feed.
  • If you are feeding below the feed company’s feeding recommendations of a cube or coarse mix, in order to make up the shortfall that is not being provided by your mix or cube.
  • If you feed soaked hay, as vitamins, minerals and trace elements are lost during soaking.
  • You own a ‘good doer’ or horse that has a tendency to put on weight so that you can provide their nutrient requirements without added calories.
  • Your horse becomes unmanageable or ‘too hot’ when fed cubes or coarse mixes to meet their nutrient requirements and allow them to get their energy from fibre and forage.
  • You feed a diet based on straights, as these require balancing to ensure that all nutrient requirements are met.
  • If your horse has poor coat condition or just isn’t looking his best, feeding a balancer will help ensure that your horse is receiving sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Following analysis of your grass or hay if you have found that these have low levels of minerals or trace elements to counteract these shortfalls.
  • There are high demands being placed on the horse such as competition and frequent travelling to help meet the needs of horses that can have limited appetites or reduced forage intakes.
  • If you have a horse that is on box rest or convalescing and is on limited hard feed to provide antioxidants, pre and probiotics and protein to support recovery.
  • Older horses to support general health and digestion, as nutrient absorption is reduced as horses age making it even more important to feed a balancer.

How should you feed a balancer?

Feed daily mixed with a small amount of molasses-free chaff.  The chaff will also encourage chewing and saliva production which will support a healthy stomach.


What are pre and probiotics?

  • A huge population of ‘friendly’ bacteria live in the horse’s hind gut.  Their job is to ferment (digest) fibre so that the nutrients are released and can be absorbed by the gut and into the body.  When a horse’s diet is changed these bugs have to adapt.  Sudden dietary changes can upset the ‘good’ bugs and lead to an increase in the ‘bad’ bugs which can lead to digestive upsets and colic.
  • Probiotics are live ‘friendly’ bacteria that are given orally in a supplement.  The most common equine probiotic is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.  They help boost the numbers of ‘friendly’ bacteria and re-balance the gut.  Prebiotics are substances that are an energy source for the ‘friendly’ bacteria to promote their numbers and growth.  Typical equine prebiotics include FOS and Brewer’s yeast. 

How can Pre and Probiotics help your horse?

  • Probiotics boost the numbers of ‘friendly’ bacteria within the horse’s gut and prebiotics provide an energy source to help these good bacteria multiply.  During the summer months rainfall is often unpredictable with heavy showers followed by sun leading to rapid grass growth. These changes in the grass can unsettle horses’ tummies and cause colic.
  • We all know that any dietary changes should be made gradually, however we can’t control the changes in grass.  This is where pre and probiotics can be of real benefit to horses.  Boosting the levels of ‘friendly’ bacteria within the gut will help keep even sensitive tummies settled.
  • Nettex V.I.P.® In The Balance contains high levels of the probiotic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae as well as the prebiotics FOS and Brewer’s yeast to help maintain healthy digestion and keep sensitive tummies settled.


V.I.P.® In The Balance

Nutritional balancer with pre and probiotics to optimise gut health.

  • Concentrated formula of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Ideal to improve the diet of leisure and competition horses.
  • Results visible within 14 days.

In The Balance provides concentrated nutritional support in one easy to feed supplement. Its V.I.P. formula is designed to meet your horse’s advanced nutritional needs for health, vitality and performance. In The Balance is Vet Approved and contains a concentrated package of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to improve the diet of both leisure and sport horses.

Nutritional support of the gut is fundamental for horses’ health. In The Balance supplies probiotics and prebiotics to help optimise gut function and healthy digestion.

Benefits of In The Balance:

  • VITAMINS - Comprehensive package to support optimal health.
  • MINERALS - To help balance any shortfalls in the diet.
  • TRACE ELEMENTS - Key levels to support optimal health.
  • PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS - Saccharomyces cerevisiae, FOS and Brewer’s yeast to support healthy digestion.
  • SUGAR FREE - Highly palatable formula.

In The Balance supports optimal health and vitality, enabling your horse to perform to the best of his ability and maintain perfect condition. Feeling good starts from the inside but it shines on the outside. Feed In The Balance daily to ensure your horse receives essential nutrients required for a balanced diet to help him enjoy perfect health.

Nettex VIP In The Balance