1. Wrap Up Warm!

The weather is still pretty chilly and with the Met Office predicting the first few days of February are to be peppered with snowfall, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right clothing to garden.

We suggest the following

2. Set Some Garden Goals

Decide what you would like to achieve from your garden this year, is it to have a freezer full of veg for winter, to enjoy a summer of colourful blooms, redesign beds and boarders or simply to sit back and relax and enjoy what you already have.

From this you can create a plan for the year as to what to do when, and begin to research bigger purchases such as garden sheds.

3. Get Seeds Organised

Plan what you want to grow this year, and then sort your seeds into the order that they will need planting to get the best results.

If you are growing potatoes start chitting them, this needs to start about 6 weeks before you plant them out. Do this in a module tray or an egg box and place them in bright light in a frost free area.

4. Check Tools and Machinery

Now is the ideal time to get the lawnmower serviced before the grass springs into action with the warmer weather. Its also a good time to sharpen and oil any pruning tools.

5. Prepare Your Beds

Remove weeds and cultivate beds, you can also start warming up the soil by using fleece, cloches or polythene.

6. Let the Pruning Begin

February is the ideal time to prune the following plants, Wisteria, summer-flowering Clematis, ornamental grasses, and winter flowering Jasmine, heathers, and shrubs. It’s also a good time to prune Raspberry canes as well as Apple and Pear trees.

7. Have a bit of a tidy

The past few months may have seen your garden battered by winds and rain, this can lead to piles of leaves and untidy areas. Give the garden a bit of a tidy up before this time is taken up by keeping on top of the weeds. It will also make the garden look a bit fresher before the spring bulbs begin to flower.

8. Get the kids involved

Gardening can be an exciting activity for children, getting them involved in the planning early on means they can enjoy tucking into the fruits of their labour in the summer.

9. Stop the Moss

Moss will start to grow in lawns before grass, so it is important to stop it early, there are a number of products on the market that can help you do this.

10. Look forward to the year ahead!