Horse Bedding & Mats

What types of horse bedding are there?

There are numerous bedding options, and each has its own benefits, here's our quick guide.

Wood Shavings - These are one of our most popular products, they come in bales so are easy to store, they offer various levels of absorbance and are easy to muck out. Bedmax Horse Shavings and Thoroughbred Shavings are our best sellers.

Hemp Bedding - Hemp horse bedding offers a dust free alternative to shavings, making them ideal for horses with repiratory problems. Our recommended Hemp Bedding is Aubiose Horse Bedding, this is made from 100% natural, organically cultivated hemp, this means it is easy to compost. Hemp bedding is also very absorbent, wicking liquid away to the base of the bed.

Straw - This is the most commonly used bedding, because it can be very economical. If you want to keep the look and feel of straw, but want something more absorbent, less likely to be eaten by your horse and easily compostable we recommend Nedz Original Horse Bedding. Nedz Horse Bedding is contains all natural and herbal ingredients, and creates a hygienic, virtually dust free non-toxic environment for your horse.

Shredded Cardboard - Cardboard horse bedding is ideal for horses with respiratory problems or allergies. Made from recycled cardboard it is highly absorbent and 100% biodegradable. Our top seller is Future Cardboard Bedding.

Why use rubber stable mats?

Rubber stable mats provide a firm but slightly cusioned suraface fro your horse to stand on, and can help reduce the amount of bedding material needed in the stable. They also make cleaning up quicker and easier, they also reduces waste.

Our stable mats are available to buy online and can be delivered to your home or stable.

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