Horse Feeds

Ensuring you get the right feed for your horse is essential to ensure a healthy balanced diet. Different horse feeds offer different benefits to your horse and it is important to understand your horses needs when making your buying decision.

Going back to basics a horses diet would consist of forage, and nothing else, but as horses become more and more part of our lives and are much more active whether it be racing or competing, their need for more calories increases. 

The feeds we offer are formulated with the horses needs in mind and offer a combination of positives such as

  • Consistent ingredients in each portion
  • Made easily digestible for the horse
  • Offer a steady intake of nutrients required
  • Easy to store and have extended shelf life compared to oat

Wynnstay's range of horse feeds includes conditioning mixes & cubes, endurance mixes, stud mixes, haylage, fibre mixes and mashes.

All our feeds are handpicked by an equine product team who don't just dedicate their working life to horses but also their leisure time.

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