Fly control

Our range of fly control products help keep your home fly free all year round, as well as providing protection from horse flies in paddocks and fly control in larger outdoor areas.

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Wynnstay's Country Living Range

Our comprehensive range of country livign products ensures you have everythign you need to make a cosy happy home. 

Farm Toys

Delight the younger members of your family and friends with our range of farm toys, We stock brands such as Britains, Bruder and Big Farm.

Fireside Accessories

Our range of fireside accessories are not only functional but make your fireplace look good too. Our stove fans ensure that heat from your fire is circulated around the room, keeping you warm and cosy.

Fly Control

One of the downsides of country living can be the flies, especially if you live near livestock or large bodies of water. Our range of fly control products aims to help you take control of the flies in your home. We also have a range of products for dairy farm buildings to ease fly population troubles. 

Household Products

Our range of household products incldes Laundry Powders, Laundry Liquid & Softners, Laundry Tablets & Capsules, Cleaning Products