Shearing Machines & Handpieces

Wynnstay supplies a wide range of sheep shearing machines and handpeices, to both shearing professionals and individuals with small flocks.

We also stoke a wide range of spare parts and blades for both your shearing machines and clippers.

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9 Item(s)

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Our Shearing, Clipping and Showing Range

Here at Wynnstay we know the importance of having the right sheep shearing, clipping and showing tools to get the job done. Selected by specialists in sheep shearing, our range of equipment is chosen based on experience and knowhow.

Combs & Cutters

We have an extensive range of combs and cutters to fit Heiniger, Lister and Longhorn machines. Our range of shearing cutters & combs includes charger combs, edge cutters, jet cutters, shattle combs and fine clippers. 

Shearing Machines and Handpeices

Our range of shearing machines and handpeices features leading brands and includes clippers, handpeices,, trimmers, shearing kits and machines..

Sheep Showing

Get show season ready with our selection of Ritchey Shampoos for sheep.