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Our range of calving products makes sure that your calving season runs smoothly. From the initial mating right though to feeding and weaning, we have a range of equipment to support your calves needs.

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5 Top Tips for Producing a Stronger Calf

  1. 1. Give Them the Best Start

    Good colostrum is key to a calf getting the best start in life, there are a number of tools that allow you to measure the quality of cow colostrum, to then make an informed decision if extra colostrum is needed for the calf. Having a store of colostrum over the calving season is good practice. You must also ensure that all equipment and buckets are thoroughly cleaned before placing colostrum in them

  2. 2. Focus on Good Nutrition

    How your calves are feed can directly impact both their external and internal development. Our calf team are trained in advising on the best feed to use, the ideal feed times and quantities and the method of feeding based on your herd and farming methods. Coupled with our extensive range of calf feeds, we can help ensure your calves’ nutritional needs are met.

  3. 3. Asses Housing Arrangements

    Looking at how your calves are housed and what improvements can be made, can help increase their health and wellbeing. Research has shown that using calf coats and calf hutches has a positive impact on calf health.

  4. 4. Keep it Clean

    Implementing and following hygiene protocols on farm is important to the overall wellbeing of a calf. Using the correct disinfectants and detergents on calf hutches, pens, feeding equipment and housing can help minimise bacteria and protozoa.

  5. 5. If in Doubt Ask

    Our calving specialists are always on hand to help with any questions you may have, they can offer advice over the phone or face to face on farm. To find your nearest specialist, click here.