Environmental Stewardship

Supporting the governments recent Countryside Stewardship offers, we have produced a number of seed mixtures to help farmers meet requirements laid out by the scheme its self.

Our environmental seed mixtures include 

  • Wild Bird Seed mix - supplementing the food of seed eating birds in arable landscapes where there is little remaining food source.
  • Nectar Flower Seed Mix - allows you to boost the availability of essential nectar for insects such as bees and butterflies.
  • Field Margin Seed Mix - to establish a grassy strip during the first 12 months of your agreement.

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  • EF2 Wild Bird Seed Mix

    25KG BAG This is a wild bird seed mix, designed to feed seed eating birds in arable landscapes.
    Excl. VAT: £55.00 Incl. VAT: £55.00

  • EF4 Nectar Flower Grass Seed Mix

    10kg BAG The EF4 Nectar Flower mixture is a combination of flowering plants that are sown into the farmed landscape to boost essential food sources for insects including butterflies and bees.
    Excl. VAT: £57.00 Incl. VAT: £57.00

  • Field Margin Grass Seed Mix

    The Field Environmental scheme grass seed mix for field margins is suitable for drilling buffer strips to create new habitats for small mammals, invertebrates and birds.
    Excl. VAT: £45.00 Incl. VAT: £45.00

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