Forage Rape Seeds

Forage Rape is a popular choice with many livestock farmers whether it sown as a straight or as a mixture with other brassicas. The crop has a wide sowing window and can provide winter feed from summer drilling, act as a cover crop for young grass seedlings or a forage crop for summer utilisation.

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  • Gorilla Forage Rape Seed

    Gorilla is a dark green forage rape, which is best suited to sheep grazing as it is slightly shorter than many current varieties. The DM content is higher than average. Gorilla has a moderately good disease package and it quite resistant to clubroot. With the correct management, Gorilla has some re-growth potential. 

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  • Hobson Forage Rape Seed

    Hobson is highly palatable and digestible, making it an ideal variety for finishing lambs. It has excellent resistance to powdery mildew, a disease which can make some crops unpalatable leading to a high wastage factor. Hobson is best utilised early Sept - Dec.

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  • Interval Forage Rape Seed

    Interval Forage rape/kale cross. This can increase the grazing period into January due to its winter hardiness. Interval has exceptional yield potential, combined with good disease resistance. It is quick to establish and is perfect for fattening lambs or flushing ewes. In our in-house trials, Interval was preferentially grazed over other varieties, which suggests that it is more palatable. 

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  • Rampart Forage Rape Seed

    Rampart forage rape has high yields and good winter hardiness. 

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  • Swift Forage Rape Seed

    Swift is a forage rape/kale cross, which gives it extra vigour and winter hardiness. It is ideal for sowing late and suitable for multi-grazing. It can be used for game cover but is prone to bolt if sown too early (before May). Swift can re-grow after one graze, if it is put down in the summer.

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