Country Value Broad Bean The Sutton

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  • Hardy, easy to pick dwarf variety, perfect for small and exposed gardens

  • A traditional popular dwarf broad bean with a superb compact habit which is ideal for small gardens, exposed locations and even containers.

  • Each hardy, stocky plant produces 3-4 stems with clusters of 15cm (6in) pods containing white beans.

  • Prefers rich, well dug, fertilised soil

  • Sow outdoors February to November

  • Sow each seed 15cm apart from each other

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Sow outdoors in February to June or October to November

  • In a prepared seed bed, delay sowing if soil is cold or waterlogged
  • Sow in zig-zag pattern, with 15cm (6in) between seeds, in wide rows spaced 45cm (18in) apart
  • Cover with 5cm (2in) of fine soil
  • Firm gently and keep moist
  • Protect with cloches in cold, wet weather
  • Keep moist and weed free
  • Plants may require support in exposed, windy locations
  • Harvest regularly while beans are young and tender
  • Pinch out growing tip once lower pods have formed to help deter blackfly

Sow indoor in February to April

  • In pots of moist compost
  • Sow one or two seeds per pot 2.5cm (1in) deep, cover with 2.5cm (in) fine compost
  • Firm gently and keep moist
  • Keep approx 15-20°C (60-68°F)
  • Seedlings appear 10-21 days
  • Stand outside for a few days from April (avoid frosts)
  • Transplant 15cm (6in) apart, in zig-zag pattern in wide rows 45cm (18in) apart
  • Harvest regularly while beans are young and tender

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